Zara the diva grew up in the midst of a huge family filled with very creative people. Some in the sciences and some in the arts. She attended primary and some of her secondary years in Lagos State. Then moved to the states in her mid teens, completing high school and University there. After school, she worked with attorneys as a bankruptcy paralegal while discovering herself in music.

She later made the decision to throw herself into her passion and here she is, ready to take the world. Born Margaret Mary Joseph, the dreadlocked singer who now works with Rhythm 93.7FM dumped her ambition of being a lawyer for her singing passion. Her background of singing in the choir and fashion shows in plays at the Kuntu Repertory Theatre in Pittsburgh, America had groomed her. With the prodding of friends, she went into music professionally and her hit single Abokoku which already has a ‘killer’ video brought her into limelight. In this interview with yours truly, she opened up on her career and alleged romance with Rapper Jesse Jagz.

What inspired you to go into music professionally considering the fierce competition out there?

I love the creativity in the arts. Making music makes me happy and that’s why I do it. After a lot of hard work, time, blood, sweat, tears and other investments; I expect that I’ll be making a reasonable and preferably lucrative living off my profession.

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for a while now, how will you say you’ve fared?

That’s left for the market and consumers to decide. But I’ll say I’m progressing effectively.

You seem to strike one as a superwoman because one wonders how you juggle being a singer, radio presenter and a youth corper.

I thrive on being busy. I’ve always managed handling various positions. I’m serving as a youth corper on radio so technically that is 1 position but being a recording/performing artiste is my priority. Honestly, many of us are superwomen though. A single woman is usually a mother, wife, teacher, business woman, and so forth. My multitasking is not unique to only me.

What are those things you can say shaped you for the kind of life you live now?

My relationship with God, my family, my friends, and my experiences living between Nigeria and the United States have shaped my experiences.

You probably had a swell time growing up in America which is a sharp contrast to life in Nigeria, how have you been able to cope with the change?

I did live in Nigeria for over a decade before I spent another decade plus in the United States, so Nigeria is not a brand new experience for me. I did have to re-adjust as I hadn’t been back in almost 11 years. Power is a huge issue that our government should PLEASE tackle. I adjust very well to change so coping was reasonably easy. I just had to accept my new environment and go with the flow, while keeping holding onto values learned from the country I lived in previously.

Looking back in retrospect did you ever think you’ll end up a musician?

No, I thought I’d be a lawyer who liked to dance for fun.

A lot has been said about you and Jesse Jagz been caught in a compromising situation, what really happened are you 2 an item?

No Jesse Jagz and I were not caught anywhere together and are not an item. I don’t have time for rubbish rumors as I’m too focused on completing my album and promoting my single Abokoku Ku as I have just released a world class video for it.

Being a beautiful and vibrant woman, you must have a lot of suitors and admirers on your trail, how do you deal with that?

Thanks for the compliments. I’m too focused on my music right now to have to deal with such.

How do your folks like you being a musician?

My family supports me. I am very grateful to them.

Been under the management of the very hardworking and focused Toni Payne you must be raking in a lot of money

To God be the glory sha.


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  1. I cherish ur profile. May God continue to be with u on all ur undertakings amen. Iwould like to know u further. Ur quick response will necistate my contine communication with u.

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