Eid El Maulud celebration in Jos ends in Pandemonium

The Eid El Maulud celebration turned sour in Jos, North Central Nigeria as a police man attached to the anti-bomb squad of the Jos police command was killed while purchasing meat at the Abuja market in the central part of the city.

The mobile policeman, identified as Corporal John Isuwa, was stabbed to death at the Abuja market in the terminus area by hoodlums who were said to have traced him to the market where he had gone to shop for his wife who just delivered a baby.

According to an eyewitness account, meat seller reportedly turned his knife against the police man, ripping his abdomen open thereby killing him instantly.

Simultaneously, another seller turned on another customer, this time a lady and stabbed her, but she was lucky to escape. A little girl who was standing by was also stabbed by the hoodlums.

Eyewitness accounts say that the girl took to her heels with blood all over her body which in turn infuriated traders in the market.

Cars collided headlong, smashing windshields and rending bumpers asunder in desperate moves by motorists to escape from being caught up in the madness that began at the Abuja Market area in the city.

Some of those who saw the corpse of the policemen at the Bingham University Teaching hospital were said to have launched a reprisal attack in Gada Biu and other sections of the city.

The provoked a mob bashed cars and molested passers-by who were unaware of the incident.
The Plateau State Police Commissioner, Abdelrahman Akano confirmed the death of the police man but could not ascertain that there are others that died in the disturbances as unconfirmed reports say that about 7 to 11 people have been killed in the reprisal attacks within the metropolis.

The Police boss however, confirmed that three suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Meanwhile it took the intervention of Special Task Force Commander, Brigadier General Hassan Umoru to calm Muslim youths urging them not to engage in any reprisal as the Quran citation in celebration of Eid El Maulud was going on in the central mosque.

The prompt arrival of the Commander prevented a planned fresh onslaught which would have worsened the situation in the city.


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