Just like the king he is, ‘King of African Beat’ and Juju music exponent, Sunny Ade Sunny Ade has several wives in his harem, this is common knowledge, but what most people don’t know is that he has an American wife called Queen Ahneva Adeniyi- Adegeye. That is not all; the woman born Ahneva Hilson got married to King Sunny Ade in 1984, exactly 26 years ago. Originally from Chicago, she was based in Los Angeles before coming to settle in Nigeria. In an interview she once had with a tabloid, she recounted how she met the Juju Legend; “I met Sunny Ade (KSA) during one of his music tours in the United States, he was in the US to do a show. I’m a fashion designer dealing on African fabrics. So, after his performance, someone called him (KSA) and said, ‘hey, come and meet our Queen Ahneva.’ That was how we met for the first time. At first, we were doing business together, and before long, we ended up as husband and wife.” Their interesting love story and marriage which has produced two kids a boy and a girl, according to her has been fabulous. The American who despite having lived in Diaspora for over 26 years still speaks with an unquestionable American accent. She attended the Inglewood high school and has a B A. in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Chicago. The highly talented Queen Ahneva is also an On Air Personality and has been with Classic FM 97.3 since May 2009 where she runs 3 programmes. blessed with an endearing physique and her love for tresses her passion for African fabrics is commendable and another side of her unknown to most people is that she has been designing for her husband for over 23 years, despite the fact that he has a tailor in Nigeria. she used to do his crowns and she recalls anytime he’s on stage, she would go there and crown him, according to her, it was a part of there little dance on stage.

Queen Ahneva’s love for fashion dates back to her high school days when she was elected President of the Black Students Union and there part of her responsibilities was to make their members culturally aware of their heritage, so it was up to her to encourage them to dress African. Her search for African designs got her enrolled for a private training in African design and now she is widely known and once received a full page spread in Los Angeles Times Magazine in a piece Titled “Straight Out of Africa” the article heralded the work of the internationally renowned designer. Queen Ahneva is adept at hand-woven embroidery, tie and die, adire which she transforms to wonderful. She has staged fashion shows here in Nigeria and in the United States


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  1. Good piece. Having lived in Chicago myself for many years, I feel connected to her. I enjoy her show on classic f.m. And I wish her and KSA many more yrs together.

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