Rebecca Acheampong popularly known as Becca is one of Ghana’s most celebrated music artistes. The sexy icon of Contemporary Ghanaian Highlife Music’s profile has been on a gradual rise in the short spate of time she’s being in the Industry. The down to Earth Afro centric Becca who attended Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast and Croydon College in London where she attained her certificate in Child Care and Education was engaged in an interview with City People Editor, (Quarterly) Bunmi Odunowo and there she opened up on her soaring career which has gone beyond the shores of Africa, she also spoke about the alleged romance with her manager Emmanuel Kiki Banson revealed the mystery man in her life and also spoke about her venture into acting.

What project are you on to lately?
My second album will be coming out very soon and the title will be time for me, now this album is more matured because if you listen to my first album its like that of an amateur, but this has got all the essentials everything I personally want to give out there, there’s the album, in terms of voice quality, lyrics, behaviour wise, every particular song can relate to every single person. So this project I’m working on will be enjoyed by everybody and the genre of songs are really scattered, from Afro pop to reggae to pop just name it.

When will this album be ready?
Pretty soon, I was in South Africa recently and I’ve got a new one out which is called “Forever” and I’m shooting a new video for another called “Streets”, coming very soon. We are still in the studio working; you guys should just hold on tight, it’s coming very soon.

How has the transition from an amateur to a professional being for you?
It’s been enormous and I’ve been humbled by everything because believe it or not, I wasn’t even sure I was going to be here talking to you or be nominated for an award at all. It’s been a shock and I’ve been really humbled by it. I’ve been through a lot of trials and tribulations and I believe that these were challenges, not problems and if you are able to go through these things, you’ll become a better person and I really believe going through this transition has made me a better person not just in my career but as a person and a human being.

Can you recollect anything that really hit you bad in the course of your career and made you want to quit?
This music career is really dominated by male artistes and in Ghana there are only a few ladies not up to 5 in the music industry. Being a female artiste, my 1st song, “You lied to me” made it a challenge because anytime I go on stage, there are lots of men around me and that was a huge problem because I was intimidated by that but as time went on, I grew up and realized that I could be as good as them, I have the potentials to be even better than men and I believe as a woman people always sat that I stand up for women because I believe that women have got potentials in everything they do, so that was a challenge, there was a lot of intimidation when it comes to male and female but it didn’t bring me down at all, it’s made me stronger and made me hotter than I thought I would ever be.

Are you in any relationship right now?
Yes I’m in a relationship.

Are wedding bells going to toll anytime soon?
No I haven’t thought about that at all, I’m concentrating on my career right now and God is the Omnipotent he is the one that arranges everything for us, so, I’m looking up to him and if he says I’m going to marry next week it’s up to him to decide but right now I’m really concentrating on my career.

How old is the relationship?
Its just about two years

Who is the person?
I don’t want to mention his name, he is a medical doctor and he lives in the United States of America and as an artiste you let so much out that people see you so much and there are certain things that you would sometimes like to keep to yourself and he’s also doesn’t want to reveal so much.

You are an artiste and he’s a medical doctor, both of you lead busy lives how do you create time for each other?
That’s one of the challenges, I think there has to be a certain point where we say it’s time to make time for ourselves. I think he being very busy and I been busy has given us the opportunity to understand each other and it’s not that difficult. If he was not working and I was working it would be difficult but it’s quite fine right now.

What are the kind of clothes you like wearing?
I’m into fashion, anything in vogue, anything that would make you stand out. Personally, I do love a touch of African, something beaded all the time , because I believe we are Africans, we’ve got beautiful colours and we’ve got to portray it and as an artiste, I believe I should not sell myself alone but also our culture from our country to other countries. You have to relate that and that would make you stand out, make you unique. My sense of fashion is very unique but very contemporary and glam.

Off the stage, you are really not into wearing dresses, you are more a jeans person?
I do like my casual outfits, when I’m going out, I know what to wear and what not to wear but I do love my jeans, jeans are essential and you always have to wear t-shirts. I’m traveling and would be here for 2 days, I have 6 t-shirts and a couple of jeans with me because it’s really essential and important, you know sometimes you just want to put it on, put on an accessory and go out, feel comfortable. I’m not a ‘girly, girly’ kind of person but I like to dress and look good all the time.

You are also not into heavy makeup why is this so?
I believe it’s always good to be natural, make up artistes sometimes make me up heavily and I end up feeling uncomfortable but I like feeling natural because I am an African woman and I believe in being natural. I love the way I look, black is beautiful and I like to look good but I don’t go the extra mile to look good and I don’t overdo it.

You have a beautiful well toned figure, how do you ward off male advances?
I do get that a lot, its fun when men do that, but imagine if you are walking and no one’s looking at you, that’s why I personally see them as fans and I understand where they are coming from. As a woman, I think a woman should look very sexy and beautiful.

It’s been rumoured that you and your manager Kiki Banson are romantically involved, is it more than the manager to artiste relationship?

It is more than a manger to artiste because we are friends, we are very good friends, I tell Kiki anything, he’s part of my family, my mum, my father, everyone in my family knows him. He’s someone that I can talk to and I believe it’s not just about the management, you have to have somebody that you can confide in and talk to and that’s the kind of relationship I’ve got with him. He’s a happily married man and I’m in a relationship and I love my relationship and between us we have got an understanding, so I think it ends there its more of work.

Most artistes are pretentious and they have airs around them, you are the opposite, what informs that?
I believe I’m a very humble person, God created all of us in his own image, why would you want to place value on things, being a star has humbled me and you never know where you might meet yourself in the future, you might be faced with some circumstance and as a human being in general, you have to be able to face anything that comes your way, so I’m not very fascinated with things, everybody likes nice things but you cant have them all the time.

Your music has gone beyond the borders of Africa, how have you been accepted overseas?
That’s a very interesting question, it’s just been two years and it has been enormous and I’ve gotten reception from people that have been really good. The important thing is for you to know that it’s been a very god ride for me so far and people love my music it and have accepted it, so by the grace of God, I’ve been doing well.

What kind of relationship do you have with your colleagues and contemporaries in Ghana?
We share a very cordial relationship. I talk to them when I see them, we laugh together when I see them. I barely see them but when I see them, we have the blasts of our lives together.

Can you give me your candid and sincere opinion about your Nigerian fans?
Nigerians are wild and that is what I like, you want to perform and see people raise their hands in the air. That’s the whole essence, its lovely. Nigerians in general are nice, I love my fans, they accepted the tour I did here and believe it or not, I love Nigerians. I’m thinking of moving here if you will allow me.

You have a lovely skin, how do you manage it, do you use anything special?
Aside eating my Eba, fufu and other types of food from Ghana, I make sure I take care of myself and eat really healthy and also, I take care of my skin, I don’t put on anything supernatural, I just use the normal Ghanaian Cocoa Butter and it works for me. It’s easy, smooth and clear, so you don’t have any problems at all. I drink a lot of water.

How do you feel when you are on stage doing your thing?
When I’m on stage, I feel alive and it’s a part of my life, it’s something I love doing, once I get on stage, I feel the vibe and I love seeing people happy, I love seeing people smile and excited. The reason why I get on stage is to see people, thousands of people screaming and shouting, when you enjoy what you do, it’s an advantage for me and I love it.

Most female artistes love showing off their breasts, why are you different?
(laughs)I’ve got very little breasts and I’m content with it, I don’t need to expose it, people do it because they love to do it and everybody’s got certain things that they love to do and you understand them. Once you do what you love to do, its fun, so people shouldn’t accuse you of what you love to do. But if I bigger breasts I might be showing them off, who knows.

What’s the next project you are on to?
I’ve got my charity which I’m sure you guys know about, I’m busy working on that, its important, I’m registering children on a national insurance health scheme which is really important for me. After this project, I’ve got a lot of projects lined up but there are movies coming up, I’ve been playing excellent roles in movies but I’ve got one movie now with a very good script, I’m not going to reveal anything now but I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have an interest in acting?
That’s what I have passion most for, when I was in school, aside singing, I used to go to a drama class and that was one of my passion but even if I don’t act, I’m going to be one of the directors.

Are you sure its not going to affect your career?
That is not going to affect it because there is a time for everything and when it comes to management, I have records to make sure things are planned well and I know what to do and I think it is a great thing.

What’s your family like?
We are nine in the family, I’m the fifth born and I live with my mom and my dad. My dad is into business and has a business of his own, my mom is an interior decorator and a caterer and gave birth to six boys and three girls, and I’m the first girl. I’m from a straight staunch Christian family, my brothers are tough on me because I’m the first girl, so you can imagine. My younger sister is in school right now in the states, she’s ready for her masters and I’ve got a little sister who is about 16 and she’s in secondary school. My eldest brother is 39, happily married and my other brothers are around 32, 33 and 29, they are all in school, some of them are working and in the states.

Your family must be very supportive?
Yes, I’ve got a very supportive family, my dad always wanted me to be a lawyer and that was a challenge for him and he wasn’t too happy about it but are very supportive and I’ve got a family that believes that what you want to do is what you can do. They support me a hundred percent, my dad and my whole family, they love and enjoy what I do, we all used to sing together when we were young. Now my dad is always excited about what I do and he’s always asking me when my next show is.


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