Beverly Naya is a young and focused actress and model who like a fresh breath of air is already making waves in Nollywood in her debut movie “home in Exile” which has already won 2 Zuma Awards for best screen play and best film for tourism and also won 6 out of the 7 Terra Cotta Awards it was up for . The very shapely and sexy young babe was born in London and moved to America when she was 6 months old ,she moved back when she was 8 years old and has lived in London ever since. She went to Welling school in Bexley UK and went on to study psychology, philosophy and sociology, in Brunnel University for one year. She discovered she wasn’t really passionate about it, so she moved on to Roehampton University where she eventually graduated last year, with a 2nd class upper in filmmaking and 1st class Upper in in script writing, she developed the flair for acting right from when she was a teenager in college and she was the first student to get a full mark distinction in her college for a performance called ‘Stoning Mary’. Since then she’s been working hard on her acting. Her love for the movie industry back home in Nigeria prodded her to come home to pursue her dreams. According to her, she loves the Nollywood industry and it is followed very well back in London. So to embark on the fulfillment of her quest, her mum who had relocated back to Nigeria 3 years ago came into play. The very supportive woman went an extra mile for the love of her daughter and as a form of incentive for her, she joined forces with one of the best filmmakers to come out of Nigeria; Lancelot Imasuen to co-produce a 13 million naira movie “Home in Exile” which she bankrolled and which is Beverly’s debut movie. On if she was given preferential treatment because of her mum’s involvement, she didn’t have that chance. When her mum told Lancelot Imasuen about her passion for acting, he insisted on seeing her so when she came home during Christmas in 2008, he had an encounter with her and expressed his interest in working with her. She subsequently landed the role of Julie the female lead and paired up with Desmond Elliot the male lead who was her fiancé in the movie. Lancelot loved her performance saying she did very well in the film. So they went all out again and shot another movie called “Make me a Heart” which she also featured in and despite the challenges of having to learn a script in 1 week as opposed to learning it in a month or so as she was used to back in England, she still fared well.

For a greenhorn like Beverly, acting with Nollywood stars was a bit overwhelming but they were overly nice to her, not ostracizing her in anyway and this really put her at ease allaying any fear she might have nursed about working with them.

On the producer Lancelot Imasuen she had this to say “Lance is a veteran, he knows what he is doing and he has a vision that’s one thing I love about him, despite the fact that my mum was the executive producer, she in no way influenced his directing. All she did was give him ‘trust’ and he really did well, they worked together as a team”.

After the steamy kiss she had with Desmond Elliot in the movie; ‘Home in Exile” there has been rumours and insinuations that she was truly in a hot romance with the seasoned actor, clearing the air on that she had this to say “Oh no! there’s no such thing going on between us, Desmond and I are complete professionals, yes we kissed in the film, but that was for the role of Julie and Dave, to be honest, Julie enjoyed the kiss, because she was going to marry Dave in the film so she enjoyed it as she would, things like that don’t really cross my mind, as an actress it shouldn’t affect me because it’s just portraying a role so you need to get into character as much as possible so that the audience watching you believes you, so Beverly enjoying the kiss doesn’t really matter”

According to her, working with Desmond was fun because first of all he was hilarious and he made her laugh, that knocked off her fear of working so closely with a star and the fact that he didn’t treat her funny thrilled her a lot because he made her laugh a lot to make her relaxed and comfortable while shooting the film and she believes that if everyone she worked with had that kind of mentality she would be fine.

Some of the people she would love to act with include Genevieve Nnaji and Majid Michael who is one if her favourite acts.

Still on relationships, the 22 year old girl says she’s really focused on her career and is not in any relationship with anyone at the moment. In her opinion, having a relationship is not bad and is a beautiful thing but she wants to achieve her goals first.

The very sexy and sassy Beverly also ‘wows’ with her very imaginative and innovative dress sense as her daring dressing which borders on the ‘classic’, ‘hip’ and ‘rock’ phases has not changed a bit from the way she used to dress back in London, Beverly whose face dots Etisalat billboards in Lagos is a shoe freak and she wards away long stares of people who are amazed by the way she dresses by hiding behind her sunglasses something she also has a fetish for.

She has a good family foundation and her parents divorce has not affected her in her path in life as both parents are supportive of her chosen career. Although she speaks with a heavily laden British accent which quickly points to her place of birth, she was raised with the Ibo tradition inculcated in her by her mum and she prides herself as a proper Ibuzor, Delta Ibo girl. She can’t speak a word of Ibo but she understands the language and is very familiar with the culture.

Bunmi Odunowo



  1. Girl, its gud 4 one 2 be real in his/her role. Dats why i love roles played by mercy johnson, Genny nnaji, jackie, ini, desmond majid etc. They make it real. Dn’t mind anyone, u were julie there but dn’t let affect ur emotion. Dats what makes a real woman. Keep it up.

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