Thursday, April 1, 2010

By Niyi Tabiti/
American born singer, Beyonce Knowles popularly as Beyonce would be packing her things and getting set for yet another wondrous attention grabbing occasion as she performs at the wedding of Bella,daughter of Nigerian billionaire Otunba Mike Adenuga to Jameel Disu. earlier reported that Bella who is also an executive director in Globacom, her father’s telecoms company would be getting married to Jameel.They have both been an item in the celebrity circle for sometime. Bella is known as the favourite of Mike Adenuga, the African billionaire. Those in the know says this is reason Adenuga named the his prime tower on Ligali Ayorinde Street,Victoria Island extension as ‘Bella’s Place’.Bella is also a product of Adenuga’s married to estranged first wife, Folake Marquis.
Jameel Disu’s father is also a top player in the financial sector. At the moment he works in one of the North African countries.
This would not be the first time a wealthy Nigerians would be bringing an 7 digit international star to perform in the country.Some years ago when Mohammed Babangida was getting married to his first wife Rahama Idimi in Minna Niger State, he contracted Femi Akande’s Kilimajaro to bring American R& B star, Joe as a suprise package to his bride, who happens to be a huge fan of his songs.Mohammed, son of Nigeria former military ‘President’ spared no costs at exciting his wife with Joe at the event live. Some says it cost him about N7 Million Naira.
The Adenuga’s would be spending millions of Naira which would also translate to a lot of money in dollars to bring Beyonce the award winning American singer and wife of Jay z to Nigeria.Money talks!
According to available information, The wedding between Bella Adenuga and Jameel Disu would take start on April 10 at the Oko Awo, Victoria Island residence of the Adenugas. April 10 is for the introduction,April 17 for the engagement and White wedding takes place on April 24 all in Lagos.

Adenuga has huge investment running in the oil, telecoms , banking and real estate business.
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